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Migraines and Pregnancy

Migraine and Pregnancy

The increased level of estrogen that pregnant women experience has been shown to often reduce the incidence and severity of migraine headaches.Chronic migraines and pregnancy do happen, and you may be the unlucky one, but many women suffer less during this time. This can even include those pregnant women that  would normally have had extreme cases, for example, women who suffer chronic migraine with auras.

For those women who are lucky enough to get relief from migraine in pregnancy, this can be a welcome relief, and there are even some cases where, for the duration of the pregnancy, doctors may even take women off their daily preventive migraine medicine.

Migraine Treatment in Pregnancy

Migraine Treatment in Pregnancy can be tricky and pregnant women have to be very careful about what they put into their bodies, which is also true for most migraine medications. Women in early stages of pregnancy and on migraine medication should call their doctor as soon as they learn that theyre expecting. For women who do experience migraine attacks during pregnancy, some medications are safe for pregnant women to use, such as over the counter pain medications, but its is always best to check with your doctor to confirm. The migraine should be treated as part of the overall care for the pregnant woman, as part of an inclusive health care scheme, and include specialist care if needed. As discussed earlier, pregnant women react differently, and some actually improve, but extra care should always be taken to ensure the most comfort and pain relief as possible.

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